ABOUT THE OWNER | Karl Neuffer Home Inspector 
Karl Neuffer grew up working for his Father’s construction company as a 4th generation craftsman. Born in Washington State, he grew up in the trades beginning as a labor, raking rocks and gravel for foundations while in high school. It was pretty clear at that point that although construction was in his blood, it was time to migrate through the trades, learning how each trade interfaced with the others. He soon began framing as an apprentice carpenter. Karl then apprenticed for both the HVAC and Electrical trade while attending Montana State University, where he studied Business Management. Since college, Karl has worked specifically in the construction industry, building a wide variety of projects around the Western U.S. such as concrete tilt-ups, warehouses, testing laboratories, hotel/motels, restaurants, bank facilities, custom and semi custom homes, ski lodges and even a few avalanche control structures.

One of his direct responsibilities on each of these projects was to perform Quality Assurance and Quality Control inspections. Each phase of each project had to be inspected and approved before the next phase could begin. Additional inspections were performed prior to delivering any project to his Clients. All projects were constructed and inspected in compliance with strict, detailed engineered drawings. This methodical, thorough approach to customer satisfaction has been fundamental in his career since he began working for his Fathers construction company in 1976.

This broad technical background in the construction industry coupled with the proven ability to successfully manage a small business, was a natural progression to creating a professional Inspection Services Company.
He then enrolled in The ASHI training program, graduated top of his class, is a past President of ASHI WW, past Vice President of ASHI WW, an ASHIASHIWW member and an ASHI certified inspector, an instructor for ASHIWW, and Licensed in Washington to perform inspections.
G4 Inspection Services is here to help you with your new purchase. Maybe it is your first starter home, move up, or even your retirement home. It could be your new business venture. Either way, we have the expertise to assess the current condition of your new building and to explain it to you in a clear and concise format that is easy to understand.
We want to be your building consultant for life.